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Dental cleanings in Alma, GAAll adults should plan on visiting the dentist every six months for a checkup and teeth cleaning. However, what you do every day between those visits will determine the state of your oral health. Along with providing professional cleanings, Alma dentists Drs. Zachary Powell and Ralph Proenza can also suggest possible improvements to get the most from your oral hygiene.

Each patient is different, and some patients are able to take better care of their teeth than others. If you live in the Alma area, please call Alma Family Dentistry at (912) 632-8654 to learn more about oral hygiene and teeth cleaning.

Questions About Dental Hygiene

Patients who suffer from common dental health problems often wonder what they can do to avoid tooth decay and other issues. Our dentists can give you answers to questions like:

  • How long should I brush my teeth?
  • How often should I floss?
  • What toothpaste should I use?
  • What is the best mouthwash?
  • What steps can I take to slow acid production in the mouth?

Generally you should brush for two to three minutes at least twice a day and floss daily. Toothpastes with fluoride are ideal, and our dentists can also recommend options specially designed to protect sensitive teeth. Rinsing with water or mouthwash any time after a meal can make your breath fresh and help neutralize harmful acids and bacteria.

During Your Teeth Cleaning

Following the steps above is a good start to quality oral hygiene. However, professional treatment complements at-home care and improves upon it.

Key steps you can expect during a cleaning and exam at Alma Family Dentistry include:

  • Scaling teeth and spaces in between with a pick to remove stains and plaque buildup
  • Polishing your teeth to restore shine to your smile
  • Fluoride rinse to strengthen enamel
  • Checking your teeth for signs of insufficient care

Alma teeth cleaningsIf you consistently miss areas of your teeth when brushing or regularly suffer from cavities, Dr. Powell or Dr. Proenza can recommend future treatments and review how well you care for your teeth. If you’re not brushing or flossing properly, our dentists can educate you on the right technique.

To learn more about how to optimize your oral health, please contact Alma Family Dentistry or call (912) 632-8654 today to schedule your appointment. Drs. Powell and Proenza provide cleanings and other dentistry services to patients throughout the Alma area.

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